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Can't Get No Stratusfaction?! [entries|friends|calendar]
Mrs Pyromanic

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[12 Sep 2004|04:20pm]
So I've followed suit, I git sick of Livejournal so I goy myself a Greatest Journal... I'll keep this open for important updates but i'll mainly be on greatestjournal. My Journal is Divaofthedecade. So catch me over there.
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DISCLAIMER [19 Feb 2003|02:19am]

*please note that I'm not the real Trish Stratus nor do I know her personally. I'm just a big fan who is role-playing as her as part of a game...Situations included within the game do not reflect the life's of the real superstars...No disrespect is meant to Trish or any other character portrayed in this game...I've made this journal Friends Only now so only members of the game can read my entries...I will add non-RPG people as long as they understand this is FAKE and for ENTERTAIMENT purposes*
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